Burning Man 2015, part 1

Couldn't believe that this year marked my fifth time to venture out into the Nevada desert at the end of the summer for this giant spectacle of human creativity, ingenuity and wondrous sculptures.

Mannequins staring at their iPhones

Dusk on Thursday

The Man

These images are under a piece of art called Firmament.

Cozy cuddle puddle looking up at Firmament

At the Firmament at sunrise on Saturday morning...see some video of the installation with Steve Reich music here.

Some of the beautiful art seen at sunrise on Saturday...

Temple of Promise

Love by Alexandr Milov at dawn, the first official burning man art produced by a Ukranian

Firespinners at dawn...

Dawn at Camp Questionmark, possibly one of the better sound camps at Burning Man


Summiting Mt. Baldy with Brian and the Dogs

From the Ski Santa Fe parking lot, one can venture up a few trails for about seven miles to get up to the summit of Mt. Baldy.  Topping at over 12,600 feet, the view of the surrounding Pecos Wilderness and high desert are spectacular.

I think B's backpack sweat imprint looks like Winnie the Pooh's Piglet...

Atop the peak

All the doggies made it to the top too.

On the way down in the Aspens...


San Juan Mtns on the Continental Divide Trail, Part 2

Richard traverses snow along the CDT without the safety of an ice axe.

Surveying the steep, somewhat treacherous snow crossing

Scrambling back up to the "trail"

My big brothers out of breath above 12,000 feet.

And incredible rainbow popped out after an afternoon thunderstorm.

Look at this freakin' epic landscape!

Good Night