PCT Resupplies

I'm finishing the Pacific Crest Trail in the next months.  Some folks expressed interest in sending me letters/postcards/care packages along my hike.  If you'd like to send something, write the following on the box/label/envelope.  Even though I like surprises, please notify me by email that you sent something so that I know to pick it up.  The first and the last of the resupplies listed here will charge me a fee for picking up a box so I prefer any of the other stops along the way.  Cheers!

My Name
c/o Kennedy Meadows General Store
96740 Beach Meadow Rd.
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 8/30

General Delivery
Lake Isabella, CA 93240
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 9/4

c/o The Loop Newspaper Office
206 So. Green St
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 9/9

c/o The Saufley's
11861 Darling Rd
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 9/14

c/o Mountain Hardware
PO Box 398
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 9/19

c/o The Teutschmans
840 E. Angeles Blvd
Big Bear City, CA 92314?
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 9/24

c/o Mountain Valley Retreat
35690 Montezuma Valley Rd
Ranchita, CA 92066
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 10/1

c/o Laguna Mtn Lodge
PO Box 146
Mt Laguna, CA 91948
Please hold for PCT hiker.  ETA 10/4


Malta: Around Rabat and the Island

Typical homes and street scene in Rabat

One of many catacombs beneath Rabat

In the old "silent city" of Mdina

The Dingli Cliffs 


In the Smurf Cave on the boat tour with il mitico Charlie

Marié on the beach with Clara...and Iva

Marié outside Mdina with Emanuel

Feast of Santa Catarina...

ground fireworks

Flying above Paris over the Champs-Élysées, the Seine, the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe


Valletta, Malta

In Birgu...


St. John's Cathedral, built by the Knights of Malta

View across the Grand Harbor from Valletta's Upper Barrakka Gardens

Typical street scene: check the man raising a basket up to his window



Island of Gozo, Malta

The Blue Hole and Azure Window

Vista from atop Victoria...

Streets of Victoria


erin and jennings

the beautiful bride and handsome groom.  much love and happiness to them!

at erin's and jennings's wedding

Morning Qi Gong and Tai Chi

Gettin' ready

For any of you who want to see the many many more of the photos of this weekend look here

Jens and his groomsmen

The musical procession through the gardens of Allerton Park to the ceremony site 

throwing the bouquet

Mmmm....lotsa alcohol

Jennings drops truth bombs and professes his love for Erin around the campfire.