SF Critical Mass - May '06

Riding in Critical Mass rides quickly became my favorite activity in San Francisco. I tried to ride in it every month. Almost all of these pictures were taken while I was riding my bike one handed. I didn't always bring my camera on the rides - only sometimes. These images are from May '06 when Jon and I had an excellent bicycle trip.

Jon with mouth wide open

rolling by Jefferson Square

This drunk indian? jogged with us up and over the hills. This was the first time I saw him. He usually carried an american flag and subsequent times he didn't seem drunk. Here he is helping push the big sound system trailer up an incline. Once he dramatically burned his American flag in front of a federal building in SF. Alas, I wasn't carrying my camera that time.

Later in the ride, some kids on Stanyan near Haight St held the burning flag and we watched while we cruised by. I don't know if they set it on fire or just picked it up.

outside the Broadway Tunnel - sometimes we cruised down it and rode back up on the other side and rode through it again...

on Market St near the Castro with guy in front taking a picture behind him - I wonder if this guy has a photograph of me taking his picture.

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