camp joy revisited

When I first posted photos of Camp Joy, I was checking my watch to leave for the airport to fly to Argentina. So, I was in a hurry and inevitably left out a bunch of good images from 2007 now seen here...

Jim Nelson rests after a hard day's work with Ruby dog as his pillow.

cucumber and my feet


Angie from Austria under the yum yum tree

Marcelo visiting and climbing the yum yum tree


Bim pulling up carrots


the Linden tree


Haven and Josh

So many jars of deliciousness for the Wreath Sale


Colie said...

Wow. We have that picture of a smiling Jim framed and hanging on our wall. Man o man.

Josh Potter said...

Gorgeous. I miss all y'all.

k haas said...

Thanks for checking in. I think I'm going back to visit this month.