South of Shasta: Burney Falls & Hat Creek Rim

9/3: Almost to Burney Falls. Hope Richard sent that box. Sitting next to Rocky Creek - very refreshing - beautiful, waterfalls, hot outside today. Hope it cools significantly before hat creek rim. Have gone 14 miles so far today and it's before 2pm. Camped with Cash last night...Seen no one else today. May be really close to Hunt Hot Springs, but unsure. They're off of FS Rd. 9702, which is right here, but dunno how far down the rd, etc. Anyway, it's too hot right now for hot springs. Feeling ambivalent about the trail and walking right now. Dreamed I was camped outside Burning Man last night. And we were able to get in through the forest into the desert through a back way.

9/4: Wow. Earlier today I was contemplating if I would consider starting a forest fire in this dry habitat of hat Creek Rim in order to get rescued from thirst/dehydration. I still had some water in my bottles but was saving it until I REALLY needed it. Was so hot and thirsty I couldn't eat. Wasn't hungry. And was unsure if the water cache 22 would be stocked cuz herd word coupla days before from Bog Bridge Tester that it was empty. Cash said it was full though - but he had gone into town.

Anyway, was hot and listening to NPR and I hear a familiar Fender Rhodes and then whammy bass - Brian and Reed in an interlude before a program on the Books. Finally the water cache 22 at dusk was glorious. And after telling Cash about my mental/physical barrier about walking more than 22 miles; today I walked 27!

And was confused about distance cuz Data book said I would see a Rd @ a closed gate.
At dusk here was a flurry of colorful hang gliders floating softly down from the sky and I realized that I should be hang gliding - not hiking in the heat. Hang gliding would be much more fun and glorious.

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