River Drama, Water Woes, Renewable Energy

In the foreground, an ancient canal now dried up after the brand new power plant started sucking away water for electricity up the river. This canal was delivering water to the Niramayam Farm when I arrived, and then the power plant (the blue building in the distance) started operating. When Mastram and I went up river to check on the water levels, we found dozens of dead fish on the river bottom. One of the photos I took made it into two local papers...claiming (perhaps incorrectly) that the new power plant was to blame. More likely, these fish died from kids illegally using bleach to kill and catch them but perhaps they did die from the lower water levels caused by the power project directly across the river from the farm.

Headline reads: "Living Things are Victims of Power Project"

Headline reads: "Power Projects Cause Fish to Die"

Mastram shown here with dead fish found in the bottom of the river Gagj.


Colie said...

Reporting (or fabricating?!) news on the other side of the world! Good work and gorgeousness!

k haas said...

Thanks Colie!