Last Sights in Rajasthan

Camel yaaaaawning near Abhaneri

Tour group stopped at a um "camp" for the night. The tent I stayed in...(with toilet, sink, shower, bed, lights and hot water bottle)...wouldn't fit in my backpack so I left it behind. We played dress-up and then hopped on camels for a ride through mustard fields.

Our guide Anurag looks on during cooking demonstration...Tell me this: why are so many cooks at Indian guest houses from Nepal??

Traditional Rajasthani dancing...

Chand Boari step well in Abhaneri. This well is amazing and was historically used as a water source for the arid desert area. Rajasthani kings demonstrated their power and wealth by the size and intricacy of their step wells. This is one of India's biggest and deepest - (like 13 stories high). Just found more photos of it and more info at this link here if you want.

Staring at the side of this well made me think of M.C. Escher drawings.

More of the mobile party machines as seen from the bus

Cars share the national highway with camels.

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