Sivananda Yoga Ashram, Neyyar Dam

At the beginning of March, I said goodbye to my parents and went to the Sivananda Yoga Ashram outside Trivandrum for a week. The asana classes were great and I met many nice people. However, the strict rules and the chanting for several hours a day was a bit too much.

the main hall

lunch time

We celebrated the festival of Shivaratri and chanted Om Nama Shivaya all night long.

Pouring ghee into the fire


Rahul said...

Insightful... thanks for posting...

Marco Pino said...

Oh yeah that chanting at the Sivananda Ashram can be a bit too much, I think I even had dreams with Jaya Ganesha... Jaya Ganesha. But I guess the Shivarati must have been a great experience, I experienced that one at the ashram in Madurai. I stayed at the ashram in Neyyar Dam for my TTC and I had a great experience. I also wrote about it on my blog: Sivananda Teachers Training Course