Vegetable vendor at dusk on the streets of Almora

Interesting wooden architecture on this mostly pedestrian street. In the mountains, Almora was much cooler than the plains. I stopped here on the way to the Himalayas.

"Om" tattooed on the back of man's hand on bus. This is a very common tattoo in India. The bus rides in Uttarakhand were gorgeous, but scary, exciting, bumpy, sometimes bone-slamming and dizzying. Often they were so crowded that I couldn't open and spread my sweaty legs for hours at a time. But that's one of India's many sides: jam-packed, squeezed together, no room for privacy or private space. Indians don't get frustrated on public transportation when bumped, jostled or even smacked in the head by someone's bag; it's all inevitable. You just roll with it and let the sweat drip down your back and forehead. That's part of sharing your country with over a billion other humans. Others' elbows and thighs will definitely touch you, and that's the least of it. It's best if you just relax, breathe and maybe chant Om silently to yourself.

Shop owner selling paan

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