Centro Habana

Old drunk Cuban singing by the Malecón.  He was trying to get money from me.  His music and out-of-tune guitar were so bad, I would have almost paid him to stop serenading me.  

A couple in Centro Habana who were disappointed to see on my camera that I framed their photo with the dumpsters in the background.  Centro Habana (Central Havana) is a grittier, less-touristy neighborhood located between Old Havana and the newer Vedado neighborhood.

Often I would stroll around with my camera and curious locals would sometimes call out to me and I would end up meeting new people or making friends along the way.  Cubans may be some of the most social and gregarious people I have ever met.  In more touristy areas, the locals trying to get my attention were usually trying to sell me cigars, get me into a restaurant or provide me with a taxi, but outside these areas, many folks seemed to be genuinely curious and friendly.  In the end, some but certainly not all might try to get me to buy them some rum or milk or in the case of these two skinny guys - two ham sandwiches.

This barber called for me to come into his shop for a chat.

The Malecón

I observed a couple who walked up to the Malecón, looked around and then descended down to the water's edge, pulled something out of a bag and left it on the ground near the sea.  I walked along the promenade a bit to see what they left and saw this creepy doll.  When I asked some other Cubans the significance of this doll, their only response was "Santeria."

Even in Communist Cuba, $$ reigns supreme.

Schoolgirls hang out on a balcony and women gather on the sidewalk in front of a paladar (family-run cafe).

Many buildings' ornate architectural facades were literally crumbling away.

A produce vendor with his cart on a busy street.

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