Taragalte Festival, Morocco

Ismael and his nephew at the Taragalte Festival in the Moroccan Sahara.

Taragalte is a festival in the Sahara desert in the southern Morocco that celebrates the cultural heritage of desert people with a focus on music.  Musicians from the Sahara region gathered to play the stages and also played around the campfire under the stars.  Desert nomads, Tuaregs and locals from nearby villages also came to celebrate the weekend in the desert.

Locals raced their camels, (dromedaries actually), around the festival.

Main stage

These musicians were heating their drums' heads over the fire to tighten them.


Toni and Joan from Spain

Tommy illuminated by a bare bulb in the desert

Local girls

In the main camp area of Taragalte

Some tents among the dunes

A couple policemen look out from a sand dune.  The festival was fairly close to the Algerian border with Algeria.

View from the back of the main stage...the stars were so bright in the Sahara...you could practically see shooting stars streaking across the night sky anytime just by looking up for a minute.

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