Hazul's Street Art in Porto

Amazing Graffiti by Porto street artist Hazul...

This piece on the side of a parking garage in Porto was commissioned.

However, Hazul's innumerable other works on walls around the city are not officially sanctioned.  His other works of graffiti are mostly on the doors of abandoned houses, of which there are plenty in Porto.  

Porto's UNESCO World Heritage designation in 1998 brings international tourists to come see the old city, but it also places certain restrictions on homeowners in the historic quarter.  In order for someone to restore an old home or building, they must maintain certain historic features on the facade and exterior per UNESCO's rules.  This helps keep the historic center maintain a certain style, but the high cost of this highly regulated renovation also prevents many from being able to restore old homes.  The result is countless empty buildings and houses in city where homeless citizens could use a place to live.  The city actually puts up concrete blocks in the doorways of these derelict, abandoned homes to prevent squatters from entering - and Hazul paints these beautiful goddess images on these doorways all over Porto...

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