Southern San Juan Mountains along the Continental Divide Trail, Part 1

Four of us started north from Cumbres Pass in southern Colorado to hike a section of the majestic Continental Divide Trail.  Hail briefly covers the trail from our nearly daily afternoon thunder and hail storms.

J Bear, Deepak Chopat and El Brujo

Evening noodles

Crazy vistas...For almost the entire 70-mile section, we were above 11,000 feet.

Atop the divide, it was possible to pee both to the east towards the Mississippi River and to the west towards the Colorado River all in one urination.

Often, there was no specific track or trail to follow...

And there were a few snowfields to cross.

There were some cold, wet afternoons.

The spectacular scenery just went on and on.

This was my brothers and I arriving back to the ridge and trail after taking an alternate route to drop off J Bear near a trailhead, which included some steep bushwalking through the forest.

Haas Bros

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