european tour with jfjo #1

In 2006, I started managing my brother's band the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey full time. In March, after the group debuted at the Blue Note in NYC, we landed in Italy and went on to the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. One of my Italian friends invited me to be part of a group exhibition that he was organizing in Rotterdam and somehow my brother Brian and I both made our artistic debuts in the Netherlands in March '06. Tour managing kept me very stressed and sleep-deprived but I did mange to come away with some pictures from the tour.

JFJO at the Lantaren in Rotterdam

JFJO in St. Mark's Square in Venice
(this picture appeared in some jazz publications)

Piazza di San Marco, Venezia

outside our hotel outside venice. the receptionist was showing the maintenance guy how to prune the trees?

Brian in Bergamo - one of the many cities we visited just because RyanAir flew there.

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