Deep in the Circuito Mallin Ahogado north of El Bolson lies a farm/forest/creeks and center of permaculture called CIDEP. I spent two weeks here practicing my spanish with Argentines, Chileans, Americans and French. I spent my days working in natural construction - peeling the bark from logs, cutting down trees, carrying trees/logs from the forest, hauling rocks and sand, stirring a big pit of clay for the adobe mix of clay, sand and straw and building adobe walls. Que divertido! I met many great people and ate lots of amazing food. It was like summer camp!

making adobe bricks...

making a mixture with mostly straw and clay for floors

inside the solar shower

side of Alejandro's house - CIDEP reuses all of their glass bottles in their construction projects

some of the Frenchies who worked construction with me: David and Arneaux

Ximena and Cara

Asado! Good times, typical Argentinian style

Klaus - the German neighbor

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