into the cajon again

Cajon Azul is just too beautiful to not return there. And so I had to show the spot to Smiley. We chilled there for four nights - 2 at the Refugio Cajon and 2 at Retamal.

before beginning our descent into the valley

Smiley in the Rifugio Cajon at breakfast eating pan with pan

striking a pose in the cajon

Passo de los Vientos...

Smiley and Laura at the Passo

Refugio Retamal: definitely the best onda of any of the refugios where we went. Never in my life have I been in so many houses built by the very people living in them. This is Mariano's home/guest lodge built by Mariano.

Laura with the ubiquitous maté and some of the chicos from Cordoba that we befriended, Mario and Cyro. These guys serenaded us nightly with songs in English and Español.

Ah! mi amaca! I realized the other day that I have slept outside in my hammock just about every day in the month of February.

I convinced Smiley that it was warm enough to sleep outside. He didn´t need to pay to sleep in the refugio, and so he smilingly slept in the dirt.

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