Holi in Hampi

Holi! This is India's Festival of Colors, a celebration of the arrival
of Spring, although in Hampi it felt very much like summer already. I
rushed to make it to Hampi for the Holi celebration for most areas of
South India don't recognize this day of colored powder throwing

may be celebrated in Hampi just for the sake of all the western
tourists...Indian children continuously pleaded to get on our
Stalls along the main bazar road sold the colored powder...

Ran into Allison who I met at the Sivanadanda Ashram...

Lots of drumming and dancing...

ferry across the river to the westerners' guest house area was closed
and so we swam both ways across the current, simultaneously sort of
cleaning off the colors. I swam with one arm, keeping my camera in a
plastic bag above my head.
And cooling off...