YatharthYogAshram Farm

Rahdebaba seen here. "Radhe Radhe," some locals would say to us..."Jai Sri Radhe," we were to say in return. Rahdebaba runs the YatharthYogAshram in Northwest Uttar Pradesh, a true taste of Indian village life. The website states that the place is based on Spontaneous Interaction and healthy Self-Interest. That seems fairly accurate. The community itself is a small area enclosed within a brick wall composed of several huts, a house, several cows, fruit trees and some small vegetable beds. There were also a couple large fields of field crops: mint, rose, wheat and a grain or grass for the cows that I can't remember now.

Radhebaba's Mother. Rahde's three nieces also worked at the ashram, cooking and taking care of the cows.


the meeting room

field of roses

Neighboring field of wheat ready to harvest...my first day at the farm I helped a bit with helping to harvest wheat by hand. Wheat was being harvested all around us. We had a huge pile that monkeys would try to eat every day. We kept the monkeys away by yelling and throwing stones, a daily activity.

This was the first WWOOF farm in India where I met other WWOOFers. Here Marine from France and a Belgian woman construct a drying rack from an old bed.

cow patties left to dry for fuel

Marine shaping cow dung

A Canadian (having trouble remembering names) moving cattle

cooking in the meeting room

fields seen from atop the house

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