Vang Vieng: the Organic Farm and Idyllic Countryside

David milks a goat at the Organic Farm outside Vang Vieng.

These were the best behaved goats I've ever milked. Goats are intelligent creatures of habit and these animals were in the habit of being patient and standing still as they were milked.

One of the young workers...he also attended English classes at a nearby school started by the farm. The Organic Farm (as it is called) solicits international volunteers to help teach English and to help with goat chores. Unlike WWOOF farms, this place charges volunteers a bit of money for accommodation and food.

Amazingly, this farm is just upriver of where the tubing starts. (See post below.) And during the afternoons, the loud music from the riverside bars blasts onto the farm and was supposedly responsible for the death of their sensitive silkworms.

Part of the drying process to make tea from mulberry leaves. The Organic Farm also makes juices and wine from their mulberries.

David gathers up the goats' breakfast.

All of the goats live on the second story of two barns, so the goat manure falls through or is swept through the slats of wood to the level below. Here there are bins of goat manure with red worms, resulting in black gold compost.

On a road outside town...

Corin and David take photos on a bike ride to the Blue Lagoon.


Reclining Buddha in Phoukham Cave near the Blue Lagoon...

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