Kings Canyon and Evolution Valley Up to Muir Pass

El Brujo entering Kings Canyon

Fording Evolution Creek

"Maybe it was the ranch cooking, or sight of pretty rancher ladies, or a couple days rest, but whatever the case, I burst out the gates on day 10, resupplied with food but hungry for the heights of Evolution valley. Raced along the San Joaqin river, climbing up switchbacks alongside waterfalls, fjording rivers all the way to McClure Meadow beneath the gaze of the great evolution giants. An easy 11 miler to get our feet wet once again." - Taun Taun

"I'd perfected the early morning dash, gone within minutes of rising. No patience for the dainty morning coffee and banter, especially amidst the brittle morning cold. I was here to win. Before I knew it I was up lounging up at Wanda Lake, waiting for the stragglers."

Sapphire Lake

Refreshing swim at Wanda Lake

The Muir Hut at Muir Pass

"Tramped up up a series of lakes, making it to the 11955 ft Muir Pass just passed mid-day. The marmots ran about seeking visitor crumbs and handouts." - Taun Taun

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