The Desert Segment: the Mojave and Wind Farms

The small mountains south of Highway 58 at dusk

Sleeping not far away from these turbines, intermittently they emit crazy, high-pitched tones.

 After filling up my water from the trickle in Tylerhorse Canyon, I set off across the western arm of the Mojave Desert in the evening...for some handstand self-portraits.

I tried to walk across the Mojave as much as I could at night to avoid the heat.  I slept near the LA aqueduct, which the PCT follows for many miles.  Even in the early morning, the heat was already oppressive.  I heard it was 108 degrees that afternoon.  By the time I arrived at Hikertown, I was ready to get out of the heat. 

Joshua tree at dawn

Chaparral south of Green Valley

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