Day 31

Goat Rocks Wilderness! Oh my wow.

Overlook near Hidden Springs
9-12 Last night was the warmest in weeks. Slept with the big moon shining down on me on an overlook of the mtns - would never have guessed that today I was going to traverse the top ridge of all that!

9-12 Came through the knife edge today in Goat Rocks - wow! astonishing scenery and gnarly best shit since N. of Snoq. Pass. Felt like I was floating and didn't really want the ridge line to end...almost sketchy at times. Ate more boletus mushrooms tonight with my dinner and there have been more blueberries! And spotted a herd of white goats atop the ridge.

Mt. Ranier in distance

Mt. Adams to the South in the distance

lake on left, Ranier on the right

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