Day 39, Oregon

1st day hiking in Oregon and rejoined with Ghetto Blaster after misadventures with Waffles and Suntan in Cascade Locks.
I didn't think I would see any more northbounders when I ran into Waffles and Suntan. I had just arrived in town after dark after crossing into Oregon across the Columbia River on the Bridge of the Gods. It was the longest I had hiked in one day - 26 miles - and I was pumped about eating dinner in town. Yet, at 9:02 all of the eating establishments in Cascade Locks had stopped serving food and even the pub had stopped serving beer. I was very bummed but at least a grocery store was open for chips, salsa, beer and ice cream. That's when Waffles generously invited me to split a motel room with the two of them. The next day Ghetto Blaster showed up in town and Waffles had been cut off from ordering more drinks from both bars in town by 3 PM...9-29 - got drunk and when we were crossing railroad tracks to get to a nearby park and island to camp out and drink more beers we lost Waffles. The last time I saw him he was collapsing towards the pavement in a gas station parking lot. Waffles ended up on a train and fell asleep. He slept out in the rain under a highway underpass later learning he had traveled nearly 160 miles away - missing one shoe and wearing a trash bag as rain gear with only sweat pants and a sweat shirt - he had to hitchhike back in his condition.
Eagle Creek detour, Tunnel Falls...
ghetto blaster swimmin in the rain

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