Days 41-42

ramona falls
mt. hood
When we arrived in the dark at the infamous Timberline Lodge, a giant historical ski lodge, there was snow on the ground and ice covering the sidewalks. Various food fantasizing and hunger ravaged northbounders had been telling us about the incredible Timberline Lodge all you can eat buffet breakfast for the last 500 miles. That night, we didn't hesitate in indulging in an overpriced delicious dinner with drinks. I ate so much that I thought I might throw up. I couldn't even finish my carafe of wine. After satisfying our appetites, we couldn't stand the idea of stringing up our thin hammocks in the chilly, freezing air above 6,000 feet when we were in an enormous and heated wooden structure full of empty conference rooms. After we found out that we could rent a bunk bed in a shared room for like $140 each...we went into survival mode. We found the sauna, stashed our backpacks and stripped down to shower and soak up the dry heat. I used some of the hotel's towels for a pillow and blankets and we slept that freezing cold night on the hard, wooden benches of the sauna. At the time I didn't realize that it would be my last hot shower for over a month. The night passed without incident and the breakfast buffet was truly epic.
mt. jefferson

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