Road Block in Puerto Iguazu

the highway between the town of Puerto Iguazu and the famous Falls was blocked - not because of agricultural concerns, but because the citizens were fed up with their municipality and its ties with local mafia. When we wanted to go to the falls, we had to wait from 10 minutes to 30 minutes for the locals to open up the road. There were usually more people waiting in vehicules than there were protesters. Their concerns were pretty ambiguos; one guy gave me a sheet with bullet points. They were against slavery and the mafia, and were for equality and the freedom of the press. I think the bloccade began after a local radio station was shut down. The local police stood around close by to presumably make sure everything was peaceful.

they let a bus of children through the blocade

even pedestrians had to wait and most folks seemed patient enough

the mood was more jovial than hostile

and finally, the road was opened to let everyone pass through including all the omnibuses


Jesse B said...

beautiful photos K-Haas!!! wish i could have been there with you boys!!! ah ruby

k haas said...

ah ruby! me too - wish you were there