Salta, 25º de Mayo

Hovering above the crowds in this picture are a cross and a Coca-Cola billboard, symbols of two of the most powerful influences in South America, the church and the Coca Cola company.

Argentines from all over - Tucuman, Jujuy, Santiago del Estero - all came to Salta on the 25th of May to celebrate Argentina´s Independence Day, (which happens to also be my brother Richard´s birthday). Independence was declared from the city of Salta and so Christina Kirchner, the president, came to Salta La Linda to attend church and give a speech.

the police presence accompanying the president´s visit was strong

Christina talking to the crowds on a jumbo screen

a community group from Jujuy ran through the crowded streets yelling and waving their flags - apparently not happy about something

above the city of Salta

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