Road Trip with Smiley: Day 1

On Monday, May 26th, Smiley and I hit the raod from Salta in our rental Volkswagon Gol from Europcar. We left the hostel in Terra Occulta (the door to our room shown above) and set out for Cachi, bribing a transit cop 20 pesos before we had been the road for more than 20 minutes.

And WOW!!!! what a road trip!!!! jaw-dropping scenery to follow...

Sometimes the road was paved and sometimes it was bumpy with small creek crossings. Day 1 we cruised along Highway 33 from Salta to Cachi.

Cuesta del Obispo

finally turned the car off in the mountains for a group photo
wild lamas or alpacas

Cardones in the Parque Nacional de los Cardones


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