Road Trip with Smiley: Day 3

Ruins of Quilmes, an indigeneous city that defended itself against the Spanish invaders for over 130 years. About a thousand escaped; the rest were forced to move in other locations around the country including a neighborhood in Buenos Aires. Some of the descendants of the survivors have, in the last few months, taken the land over from a private enterprise of an individual who had put a museum and motel right next to the ruins in the northern part of Tucuman province. They are currently gathering support to be able to legally run and operate the complex. Now, they have personal guides who alternate daily and they receive donations.

Alfonso explained to us why should feel white man´s guilt and then he photographed us below the rock where his ancestors made human sacrifices.

Sonriente, aquel burro quiere tus frutigrans!

and then we hit highway 68 northeast of cafayate

La Yassera


garganta del diablo

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