Bosco Falconeria

The wondrous view towards the sea and the Golfo di Castellammare at Bosco Falconeria

The sun doesn't go down...it's just an illusion cause by the world, spinning 'round.
The world spins 'round with some grapevines.  I came to this farm to work as a WWOOF volunteer at the beginning of March.  We were mostly assisting with the pruning of the grapevines and the olive trees.

More grapevines...Though I didn't meet her as she was away, the original matriarch of this farm wrote a great book called On Persephone's Island: A Sicilian Journal in which she details her impressions of Sicily and of transforming the farmland.

"Nicola" (Besnik) lives and works on the farm.  He and his wife originally grew up in Albania before migrating to Sicily many years ago. 

Rows of olive trees


The endangered species of Sicilian donkey

Peach blossoms in the future fruit orchard, harbingers of spring

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