Ortigia/Siracusa, Sicily

After listening to a few tunes played by Sandro, a local street accordionist upon arriving in Siracusa (Syracuse), Marié was invited to play.  She quickly learned some traditional Sicilian songs...

Fresh fish in the market

Marié in Piazza del Duomo 

The Duomo in Ortigia...Ortigia was my favorite city that I visited in Sicily. Ortigia makes up the historical center of Siracusa and is an ancient settlement on an island jutting out into the sea and contains funky and narrow streets with friendly locals.

Inside the Duomo, you can see the original columns from when this cathedral was a Greek temple dedicated to Athena.  The Temple of Athena dates back to the 5th century BC and the cathedral from the 7th century.

Sunset from Ortigia

Syracuse's Greek Theater

L'Orecchio di Dionisio (The Ear of Dionysius), a cave near the Greek theater once supposedly used as a prison

Pretty Ortigia...

Marié jams at a restaurant with a new friend.

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