Tel Aviv & Israel's West Coast

Olives in Carmel Market
In February, I joined my parents for a trip to Israel with Overseas Adventure Travel.

Stand up paddle boarders in Tel Aviv

We visited the site where Yitzhak Rabin was tragically assassinated.

Halva in Carmel Market

My parents were psyched to drink the delicious, ubiquitous and relatively inexpensive fresh pomegranate juice, not poison soda.

Cool street art in Florentin, one of Tel Aviv's neighborhoods...

Gabe whom I met at CIDEP in Argentina showed me around the city.


Ruins of a Roman Palace with mosaics on the Mediterranean at Caesarea

Entrance gate built by the crusaders at Caesarea

The Jazzar Pasha Mosque in Akko (or Acre)

Inside the Jazzar Pasha Mosque...

The vertical columns on the carpet separate kneeling places for those praying.

Another mosque in Akko

At Rosh HaNikra

The Israel-Lebanon border up the hill from Rosh HaNikra
Israel is the biggest receiver of US military aid since World War II.  Israel is now annually receiving an aid package worth three BILLION dollars!  That comes out to over 8 Million dollars that American taxpayers pay Every Single Day to support Israel's military...just saying.  (Numbers sourced from Reuters though you can find the same or similar numbers all over the interwebs).

Looking down on Haifa, the Baha'i Gardens and the world headquarters of the Baha'i religion

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