Sogno di un Uomo Ridiculo: a WWOOF Farm in Central Sicily

Lemons are just some of the citrus being grown at Salvatore and Francesca's farm outside Caltanisetta in central Sicily.  Besides their four home-schooled chidren, their farm or Il Sogno di un Uomo Ridiculo (The Dream of a Ridiculous Man), hosts goats, ducks, geese, chickens, lots of olive trees, some fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

View from the house across the valley

Teresa and Benedetta...

Teresa is featured in Salvatore's band's music video seen here.
The group is called Pupi di Surfaro.


Almond blossoms...bloomed a month later than normal due to the unusually cold and wet winter in Sicily.

Drying my shoes was a struggle as there was a lot of rain in March.

View of the top of the property and the home - and olives trees we pruned
Francesco and Angie, other WWOOF volunteers from near Piacenza

The goats...

Angie was the resident hair stylist.

Peanut art in the trees

Fava beans (nitrogen fixer and Sicilian delicacy) line the rows between citrus trees.

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