The Dead Sea & Masada, Israel

Some of the development along the Dead Sea at dusk

"Enter until you can squat, then lie back gently."

Floating in the Dead Sea is not really like being in other bodies of water.  You can't quite swim, you just float as nearly your entire body wants to pop up above the water's surface.  It's a weird sensation.

Hotels on the Dead Sea

Fortunately the flash floods abated enough to allow us to drive up the road to the incredible Masada.  The history of the ancient fortress on a mountain top was just as incredible as its views across the desert.

Views of the northern palace...

Part of the Snake Path and the Dead Sea in the distance

Ancient mosaic

An unusual flash flood did hinder our jeep tour.

OAT group getting the low down on the desert

Near the Ein Gedi Nature Reserve we came across some ibex.

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