My Vueling flight descending into the Palermo airport

MariĆ© came to Sicily to hang out for a week for her spring break in March.  Here she's posing in the narrow streets of old Palermo with lights on strings and hanging laundry on the street level.

The church of San Cataldo is characteristic of Palermo's mix of Norman, Arabic and Byzantine architecture.

The Cappella Palatina contains amazing mosaics from the 12 Century.  Located in the Palazzo Reale, it was the royal chapel for the Norman Kings.

Here's Eve rising out of Adam's side.

And here's St. Paul receiving a direct message from God - from the sky into his ear.

Sometimes the street art mimics the church art.

More street art in Palermo's historic city center...

The intersection of the Quattro Canti, a square where four neighborhoods are represented by four Baroque facades replete with fountains and statues of four patronesses and four Spanish Kings.

Near Palermo's Cathedral

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