jfjo euro tour #2

some images from the Nov. '06 travels...

Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport

From hotel window in Berlin...

train window somewhere in germany
more in this series

The Fred in Utrecht

love parade '06

Living close to the Civic Center kept things interesting.

guy on ground with steam...no idea

space cowboys/girls

i met regan at the love parade - seen here at a later date


some san fran views

from bernal heights looking towards downtown

crissy field looking towards angel island and marin

golden gate park looking towards the richmond and the pacific


just south of the bay area

Before I moved to Camp Joy in the Santa Cruz mountains, I had only ventured south of San Francisco a handful of times. Here are some pictures from those excursions in 2006.

Waddell Beach

Pfeiffer in Santa Cruz with San Lorenzo River and the boardwalk

the beginning of the hike to Sykes in Big Sur

looking west

Zeb and I have done the trip up to Sykes three times together.

european tour with jfjo #1

In 2006, I started managing my brother's band the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey full time. In March, after the group debuted at the Blue Note in NYC, we landed in Italy and went on to the Netherlands, Germany and Finland. One of my Italian friends invited me to be part of a group exhibition that he was organizing in Rotterdam and somehow my brother Brian and I both made our artistic debuts in the Netherlands in March '06. Tour managing kept me very stressed and sleep-deprived but I did mange to come away with some pictures from the tour.

JFJO at the Lantaren in Rotterdam

JFJO in St. Mark's Square in Venice
(this picture appeared in some jazz publications)

Piazza di San Marco, Venezia

outside our hotel outside venice. the receptionist was showing the maintenance guy how to prune the trees?

Brian in Bergamo - one of the many cities we visited just because RyanAir flew there.


SF Twilight

I am now rocking an assorted amalgamation from 2006 before I present juicy bits from '07. Then, my blog will slip its way into the present. In 2006, I enjoyed taking walks after work before making dinner. I often brought my camera along and loved soaking up the electric blues and the deep hues at twilight in San Francisco...

de young museum...

duboce park

lower haight

golden gate bridge, headlands in background


all the way back to '05

Going back through old images from before '07, I got inspired to post some photos from 2005. After I finished college in Connecticut in the spring of '05, I spent the summer traveling and visiting friends on the east coast all the way up to Maine. I then hung out in the Midwest in both Cincinnati and Chicago. I finally made it out to the west coast that fall and settled in the San Francisco Bay Area.
Acadia, Maine

phil & pfeiffer in acadia, maine

trees on the interstate somewhere

jennings w/skateboard by the lake in chicago

dave in marin headlands. military bunker in background

blinds and sun in piedmont


more ollie

Since sometime in early 2007, I had the intention of starting a blog. Since my blog just began at the beginning of this month, I want to present a recap of 2007 and maybe even before - a few images here and there from the past months that have not been shown. Once I catch up, I hope for the blog to be a representation of my present rather than a story of the past. Here's my nephew Oliver from January 2007 basking in the rainbows and glares of sunshine...


OK ice storm

richard and kate's backyard

nephew oliver

I've been in norman, ok a week staying with my brother, his wife and son. I haven't seen the sun since I've been here. Over the weekend, it rained during the day and the water froze overnight. The trees were weighed down with the ice and you could hear branches cracking so loud and so frequently that it sounded like firecrackers going off all night long. I heard 1/3 of oklahoma lost power - hundreds of thousands without electricity and without heat. Since we didn't lose power at the house, dozens of friends filtered through the house here seeking out warmth and light. Almost a week after the storm, we are now hosting a neighbor's fighting fish - (they fled to relatives in Texas) - and a tropical python - (who was too cold in our friend's house).



the blog begins...welcome!