steep ravine campground/springs

Camped out at lovely steep ravine campground 4th of july weekend


post-soaking stretching

lotsa orange and purple starfish on the rocks

beta breakers n' more cali landscapes

Debauchery on Fell St. from SF's '09 Bay to Breakers. These pics are from May, but my computer crashed, and that delayed these postings.

Housemates arriving at Ocean Beach

Some Cali landscapes

Day to Explore, Marin Headlands

Images from Dave-Wilson organized/curated Day to Explore from May 10th. Check him out and more images from the day at ribbonsribbons.blogspot.com Early-June computer crashing delayed this posting.

phil- bettina

zeb et al.


tunnel movie projections


Kelly McFarling

Some pics of inimitable Kelly from a recent photo shoot. Check her music out here:
And her band OTIS.


more from the mission mission: soccer & dolores

pics from monday and sunday of last week. here's evening soccer at franklin square: golds & soren

fearless captain gordy

view from above the dyke rally at dolores park

graffiti 'round the block

stencil on my street. there are lots of these of these stencils around the hood. i have mixed feelings about them...

detail from brand new mural at 19th & mission. this superheroes mural just went up recently.

Keb Wand Buter?