headlands hikes: along coyote ridge

my local path to the pacific along coyote ridge trail 
in golden gate national recreation area

tuesday night boys hike earlier in the year when the days were long...

gazing west

group selfie atop the high point of coyote ridge

the boys atop the WWII bunker at tennessee valley beach overlook

view of mt. tamalpais from the miwok trail

lil' whiskey on our "training hike" at the western edge of the continent

nighttime at muir beach overlook

mt tam hikes

view of san francisco from atop mt. tamalpais

back in the season when days were long and there was plenty of time to go on a sunset hike after work...

zeb took this beautiful photo of the sky.


looking west from east peak of mt tam with lake bon tempe in the distance

another evening, another hike with chris down the path

and andreas, visiting from boston

boys and dog atop mt tam

a clear day reveals the farrallon islands out in the Pacific.