Phil & Bettina's SF Wedding Party

Photos from the photo stage

Phil and Bettina outside the Verdi Club
Some pics from the photo stage...


 Zeb on the bus we took to Tomales Bay for Oysters...

Buddies out in the Mission

Flying above San Francisco on the way out


Springtime Kaleidoscopes in Boston

Kaleidoscopes from the Arboretum this Spring...

Zeb with the flower of the dove tree

And one from along the Charles River


Springtime in the Arboretum

Flowers were bloomin' in the Arnold Arboretum this Spring...

Flowers of the unique Dove Tree...It also is called the handkerchief tree due to how its flowers hang.  They appear to be like the wings of doves.  The story of how the tree was first acquired from western China by a Harvard explorer/horticulturist around 1900 is pretty interesting.  

These crocuses were the first Spring flowers to appear.

The Shapiros and Z Zankel soak up the divine scents of the Arboretum's lilacs.

Outside of the Arboretum and along the Promenade of the Charles River

And further afield, a strange finding of glass bottles in the middle of the forest out at Blue Hills Reservation.


San Juan, Puerto Rico

After driving around and surfing on the south and west coasts of Puerto Rico, MariĆ© and I dropped off our rental car in San Juan and checked into our funky hotel in the heart of Old San Juan.  Arriving within Old San Juan you feel like you're stepping foot into an old Spanish city, yet here we are in the "New World" in the good ol' USA.  The forts here date back to the 16th century when San Juan was a strategic base and stopover point for Spanish explorers crossing the Atlantic to plunder gold and resources from all over the Americas.  

Colorful homes in Old San Juan

A view from our balcony at Da House.  In the alley below lies San Juan's most famous salsa club.

old blue brick streets

Looking out from one of the batteries in Castillo de San Cristobal...

At Castillo San Felipe de Morro