Tenderloin, Civic Center, Union Square

Tenderloin...last bit of pictures from 2009...Chor Boogie's eyes on Market St...possibly part of the Art in Storefronts initiative

While photographing this mural, a local of the neighborhood informed me that this is a depiction of the Flu (maybe the swine flu) depicting from L to R: Flu, Flu Victim, Doctor.

tenderloin national forest

city hall

union square during the holidaze...

lighting a giant menorah


Mission St...


richard avedon exhibit


food & drink in the mission

just postin' more images from 2009...mostly taken for Wcities

mission elixir and wheatgrass juice from Sidewalk Juice...rejuvenating!

produce at Rainbow Grocery, country's largest worker-owned retail store


Duc Loi cow and fish

from Tartine

Manhattan poured by Jonny at Elbo Room

gardening in SF, fall/winter 2009

chickens at garden north of panhandle

garden w/tomato plants in tender nob/polk gulch...

bird's eye-view

tomatoes, carrots, beets, squash, melons, chard

overgrown with oxalis

south-facing white buildings reflect heat and sunlight, but the sunflower still knows which direction the sunlight comes from

seedlings of spinach and broccoli on my patio


jfjo from t-town...in sf soon

These shots are from NYE in Tulsa. My brother's band, the Jacob Fred Jazz Odyssey, returns to San Francisco this Friday, Feb. 12th. They play at Coda - on Mission St. a block away from Zeitgeist - and other spots on the west coast before heading to Europe again for the month of March to make their debut in beautiful places like Prague and Sardinia, and returning to Berlin, London, Stockholm, Amsterdam, etc.

At the newly re-opened Eclipse where JFJO recorded their first albums, Live at the Lincoln Continental and Live in Tokyo in the mid-90's

Since I'm feeling a bit nostalgic about touring around Europe with the Fred boys, here's some audio/imagery from my 2nd Euro tour with them from Nov. 2006...


January 2010 SF Critical Mass

The rain stopped half an hour before the start of Critical Mass. As the skies cleared, a relatively small group of us gathered together for a rather mellow celebration of rolling through our city on bicycles. Some folks passed out fliers beforehand encouraging positivity in lieu of hostility. The fliers also encouraged riders in the front to stop at red lights so that we can all stick together: a very valid point/issue that we should have addressed many moons ago.