Walking With Giants

Found these images on my hard drive the other day. They are the design layout comprised of my photos from JFJO's 2004 album. I decided to post them as they have never been displayed on the interweb. These photos are from the band's recording session at the University of Tulsa's Tyrell Hall and they are from an era that I can hardly remember - when I was shooting black and white Tri-X film and Fuji color slide film. I'd also like to mention that my brother Brian's band headlines the OK Mozart Festival tomorrow, playing Beethoven's 3rd and 6th symphonies accompanied by a 50-person orchestra. If you are in Okie Land, I recommend that you go check 'em out.

This layout was an initial design and the actual album cover is the one below. The rendition of Sean's Song on this album is so sweet.