today i'm leaving San Francisco for the PCT

yup, today i'm leaving the foggy city by the Bay with its dense population and tall buildings

i'm leaving my bedroom and my accordion

(These photos of me were taken by my four-year-old nephew, Oliver)

i'm leaving insane delicious food, tea and night spots

i'm leaving behind the monuments

and the funky houses

i'm leaving the Mission

i'm leaving behind movie nights at Hayes Valley Farm

i'm leaving many sweet parks

and many unique "only in San Francisco" views

and amazing art and great places to view it...

and sweet parks with unique views and amazing art.

i'm leaving the wet bike lanes

i'm leaving bike rides with naked cyclists

i'm leaving the protests of people who care about bicyclists' rights and the health of the Earth

i'm leaving the coastal redwoods

and i'm leaving the pacific ocean where my brother and my nephew recently tested its coldness and saltiness.

and i'm even leaving behind my glow-in-the-dark frisbee.

Why? Because I'm hopping back on the Pacific Crest Trail! John Muir wrote, "going to the mountains is going home," so I suppose I'm returning home. I'll be heading south from Sisters, Oregon down into California. But I'll be back in SF soon enough for it's too good to leave forever.

doves grow up: mother nature on our back patio

First there were two eggs in a flower pot (pic courtesy of aaron)

Then a baby dove emerged from one egg

Mother Dove stands guard over her babies

And then its brother also came out from the shell and they ate and ate and grew and grew.

And finally the doves grew up and flew away. Amazingly, a few days later, this pot was once again filled with two eggs and with another (or maybe the same?) mother dove sitting on her eggs.