PCT: Days 12, 14

Glacier Peak Wilderness

Ghetto Blaster at Mica Lake

Fire Belly on top of Fire Creek Pass
glacial river - some trail crew were brought in by helicopters to put in bridges across swollen rivers
8-25 - cold in the hammock, wet outside - maybe hiked 21 miles today and started after 10 AM. had to keep moving to stay warm. Red Pass was brutal. Sometimes the PCT is grueling; but moments later it can be euphoric - like today, the sun finally coming out a bit to warm us on a mountain top - green and big clouds and I can't decide if I should stop popping the juicy, candy-like blueberries into my mouth in order to get out my camera to photograph the full arch Rainbow spreading out in the valley below us. Like Marcelo said: around every corner it's breathtaking.
Henry Jackson Wilderness, Day 14
8-26 - 42 miles in 2 days - almost to Skykomish - Exhausting but more exhilarating!

PCT: Days 17-23

Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington
many stunning high alpine emerald lakes in this section
was pretty rainy which prevented me from bringing out my camera too often

Booth met us at Park Lakes and we hiked 15 miles together back to his car. When we realized that Seattle was only 45 minutes away, we cruised into the city with Booth where he royally treated us to authentic Chinese food and wonderful hospitality at his parents' house.
a trail at Goldmeyer Hot Springs - an amazing spot where the hot spring comes forth out of a wondrous cave in an old growth forest close to the PCT - brought there by Booth
fire at Snoqualamie Pass


PCT: Days 25-29

fly agaric
9-9 1st night in the wilderness alone - not really - other tents at Dewey Lake - biggest blueberries I'd seen coming down here. I was just blowing into my ocarina flute to practice, to play - and freagin elk started to respond to my flute with their freaky sustained high-pitched call from all over the mtns - repeatedly across the lake and loud! Wow!
Ranier, day 29

Day 31

Goat Rocks Wilderness! Oh my wow.

Overlook near Hidden Springs
9-12 Last night was the warmest in weeks. Slept with the big moon shining down on me on an overlook of the mtns - would never have guessed that today I was going to traverse the top ridge of all that!

9-12 Came through the knife edge today in Goat Rocks - wow! astonishing scenery and gnarly best shit since N. of Snoq. Pass. Felt like I was floating and didn't really want the ridge line to end...almost sketchy at times. Ate more boletus mushrooms tonight with my dinner and there have been more blueberries! And spotted a herd of white goats atop the ridge.

Mt. Ranier in distance

Mt. Adams to the South in the distance

lake on left, Ranier on the right


Day 33

Mt. Adams Wilderness
day 32 arriving at amazing lava spring - i raced toward the rocks for the sunset after hanging out with the Dog Pound and then meeting the legend H&R Huff & Puff whom I thought looked like a section hiker. 9-23 - Missed Brian's concert in Portland tonight. But - hiked 23 miles from Cispus River to Lava Spring.
mt. adams at sunrise from top of lava rocks
fire belly

lava rocks with mt. ranier in distance
huge glaciers almost close enough to reach out and grab on north face of adams
adams' west side

Days 34, 35

Indian Heaven Wilderness, Southern Washington

thanks to booth for introducing these tasty boletes to me. I enjoyed them with many dinners along the way.

full moon rising!
Day 35 sunset from rock where I slept