more valparaiso

what a beautiful city!! wish i had stayed longer. valparaiso is like san francisco meets naples meets amalfi.

the view from pablo neruda's house. he had many homes; the eccentric decor reminded me of the Large's house in t-town.

coffins, apartments, shipping containers: we put everything in boxes.

the pacific

cerro bellavista, valparaiso

special thanks to glenda, dolores and michal for generously allowing me to stay in the house in cerro bellavista. (seen above in the upper left with the blue banner) and what vistas!

cerro bellavista seen from another hill to the south

glenda, dolores, manuel

i spent one afternoon trying to fix their attic's ladder

moon from bedroom window



I spent my first afternoon in Santiasco helping Francisco paint walls in a gallery in his university of industrial design.

Paseo Ahumado...

view from Cerro San Cristobal...


Alfredo, my neighbor at CIDEP, invited us up to the house he is building from adobe in the comunidad ecologica de Peñalolen above the outskirts of Santiago. When I arrived, they already had a fire going inside.


Francisco and Fabrizio

Parque Nacional de Vicente Perez Rosales

I struck out for a national park with hot springs deep in the forest with Arnaud and Tessa from Metri.
sunrise on our private beach on Lago Todos Los Santos
in case you are wondering, maté and wine is not a good combination; carbonated water is good though.

Arnaud on Lago Todos Los Santos with Volcano Osorno in the background, one of the park's 2 dramatic and huge volcanoes.

un arco iris over the lake

Along the trail to the hot springs was Rudy's Los Dos Condores, a farm situated in the national park and sooo beautiful. Rudy has a ton of land, lots of animals and cultivated fields and he sometimes receives WWOOFers.

Rudy was eager to show us around. On the left is a lot of potatoes ready to be dug up.
Once out of the park, we saw a sign with Ganesh and 'aguas de los yogis´so we stopped and got permission to camp out there with an incredible view.

sunset over Lago Rupanco on the north side of the park


Matias's Place

In Metri outside Puerto Montt

Matias's house where the volunteers hang and sleep

me gusta leche de cabra
Ximena and Arnaud...on top of a rock with an amazing view. Many sunsets were watched from here. The consecutive pics are all from this rock lined with murtas (delicious wild berries that taste like cherry limeade).
Arnaud, Marian & Tessa

Daniella & Tessa

squash and corn

beans and peas with a view of the ocean

some beds I dug. I dug trenches and put in 2 layers of straw, basically making a compost pile underneath the topsoil of the lettuce bed.
Tessa, Allison and Daniella mixing cement for a lil wall.