Recent Kaleidoscopes

Sparks from the temple burn at burning man

Tree on Mekong River in Luang Prabang, Laos

Khmer path stonework at Wat Phou near Champasak, Laos

Ta Prohm at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

Radhe Baba's Mother's Hands and Rose Petals, Uttar Pradesh, India

And some not so recent images...but never posted online - from the 2010 Penta show at Vessel Gallery in Oakland....
Birds & God at Waddell Beach, California

Altitude Sickness, near Wheeler Peak, New Mexico

Coir Kaleidoscopes

Coir is the fiber from coconut husk. These images are arranged from just two different photographs taken in the Southern Indian state of Kerala.


Burning Man 2011, Monday

Biking on the playa after much of the art has been taken down or burned...


Remaining wood and trash from camps and art pieces are burned in big containers on the playa.

Burning Man is officially a "leave no trace" event and so after the structures are burned, the playa earth is raked to pick up all MOOP (matter out of place).

Packing up the playa bikes

To spread out the impact of dumping water onto the dry playa surface, Glen pours out extra water through a watering can while biking in circles.

After waiting out for the huge exodus of vehicles leaving the site all Sunday night and Monday, we left early Tuesday morning with no traffic for a drive in Glen's VW bus back to San Francisco.


Burning Man, 2011, Sunday Evening

Atop geodesic dome

Giant bicycle-powered pachyderm

View of the playa at dusk

The Temple before its burn...

The Temple of Transition ablaze

Illuminated by the hot fire of the burning temple: Robbie, Trevor, Cheer

Burning Man 2011, Sunday Morning

Temple of Transition at dawn