Stonybrook Autumn Kaleidoscopes

Fall colors swirled into mandalas from pictures of yellow leaves in October at Stony Brook Reservation in Boston


Massachusetts in Autumn, 2012

Autumn at Stony Brook Reservation

Diving into Turtle Pond, a lovely local swimming hole, in Stony Brook Reservation.  Photo by MariĆ©

Praying Mantis

More yellow leaves at Stony Brook...

MariƩ at Jamaica Pond's annual Lantern Festival

 Purgatory Chasm State Park in Central Massachusetts


Visit to Oklahoma in the Fall, 2012

Richard composts all leftover food scraps from his grocery store and his cafe, the Earth Natural Foods and the Earth Cafe, respectively.  One week of juicing vegetables and making sandwiches and soups will fill up all these buckets in the back of the truck.  And then Richard drives the scraps to the country just outside Norman where he mixes leaves into a large compost pile.   

Richard then flips the compost pile with a tractor to aerate it.

Meanwhile, Brian puts wheatgrass juice from the Earth in his ears to cleanse his ear passages.  

And in Eastern Oklahoma at Grand Lake, we cruised around in Pop's boat. 

Ollie & Phoenix