New Mexico, 2013

Up at Ski Santa Fe

The hike to San Antonio in the Jemez Mountains

At San Antonio Hot Springs

Flat Oliver flying across the country

Boston's Nemo Snowstorm 2013

Sledding at the Sugar Bowl by Jamaica Pond

Around Jamaica Pond 

Piles of snow in the streets

Flat Oliver at little City Feed


January Visit to the Bay Area

Grand View Park, SF...Of all the beautiful viewpoints that I had come to know in my years in San Francisco, I had never been to (or even heard of) Grand View Park.  Thanks Booth.

Trevor, Wendy and Brian at Tacolicious on Valencia

Land's End

By Steep Ravine in Marin...

At Marin's Steep Ravine for our 30th Birthdays campout


In Oklahoma Last December

Marié and her deliciousness in Norman...

AcTah Mayan Labyrinth for the End of the World 2012

Kate, Oliver, Richard, Marié

At Ray Harrell Nature Park in Broken Arrow

Christmas lights at Rhema

Moon above my childhood cul-de-sac


Early Winter in Boston

At Jamaica Pond...

At the MFA...

Danny with Debo Band's award for Live Artist of the Year at the Boston Music Awards

Molly at Marié's 

Making dumplings...