Truchas Lakes in Pecos Wilderness

mmm, high alpine lakes

Richard is an Earthling

light is everything

sunset at the mountain house outside taos

Burns & Richard


Summiting Wheeler Peak

Noah, Richard and I set out for an overnight backpacking trip from the Taos Ski Valley to the highest point in New Mexico: the summit of Wheeler Peak at 13,161 feet. Despite suffering intense throbbing headaches from altitude sickness and me vomiting before passing out, the adventure was tons of fun and gorgeous.

Noah, calculating our path with his compass and hand-drawn map.

There was snow in the valley where we camped and a hailstorm in the afternoon. My feet were pretty cold that night sleeping in the hammock at 11,500 feet.


ah wildlife! We saw lots of marmots...

and several big horn sheep

Hurray!! We made it to the top!

We wrote in the register at the summit.

descending back to camp before the altitude sickness really kicked in and kicked our butts

around Taos in the land of enchantment

Richard and Kate relaxin' in the soda pool at Ojo Caliente. They generously invited me to come to New Mexico with them on their vacation immediately after I returned to the States.

We be chillin' in the hot springs mon!! Actually, these springs next to the Rio Grande were more tepid than hot.

on a day hike in the valley

Oliver, Kate and Richard

Since his grandpa (papa two) is now prez of OSU, Oliver has to rock the orange accessories.

papa's hair makes a great race track

the kids had to have hiking sticks

jack harvey

fun with dandelions...

tourists above the Rio Grande Gorge

in the high desert, on one side of the road you may see trailers...

while on the other side of the road you may see solar powered funky adobe homes with wind-powered hummer limos?