R.I.P. Cosmic John

Heard word from a Bolinas local that Cosmic John, A.K.A. Crystal John or John Urho Kemp passed away a couple months ago. May he rest in peace. He was a regular of the Marin hot springs and an interesting human. Once, when a riddle was presented in the pool, a voice came suddenly from the adjacent cave with the answer, half-scaring/surprising my friends who gave him yet another nickname, The Oracle. Although fairly quiet, he often extolled the healing powers of the springs, (which he drank), and the dangers of the toxins found in meat and dairy products.

A resident of Berkeley, Cosmic John regularly drove his VW bus to the hot springs. A former Scientologist, John dabbled in metaphysics; every time at the Springs, he had printed off copies of formulas, theorems? and diagrams that he had drawn. These two below detailing wormwood and quartz crystal are from Halloween and Memorial Day, 2009. Anyone have any more of these papers that I could post?

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Frolicking in Poison Oak

The other weekend I walked north into Marin starting from the south side of the Golden Gate Bridge...

Total distance walked...19 miles? Total poison oak plants I frolicked in...don't want to talk about it. Total square foot coverage of subsequent poison oak rash on my body...don't want to talk about it.

Walked to Muir Beach and then hitchhiked to Steep Ravine, where the full moon illuminated large waves, a result of Chile's large earthquake.

Next morning on Steep Ravine trail

Along Coast View Trail

Nearing Rodeo Beach

The 76 Muni...only on Sundays