sprouts from my shoe

This picture of sprouts growing in my shoe appeared on Mission Mission a few weeks ago. The shoes were soaking wet after a hike - wet enough for seed germination. See the post here.


camp joy revisited

When I first posted photos of Camp Joy, I was checking my watch to leave for the airport to fly to Argentina. So, I was in a hurry and inevitably left out a bunch of good images from 2007 now seen here...

Jim Nelson rests after a hard day's work with Ruby dog as his pillow.

cucumber and my feet


Angie from Austria under the yum yum tree

Marcelo visiting and climbing the yum yum tree


Bim pulling up carrots


the Linden tree


Haven and Josh

So many jars of deliciousness for the Wreath Sale


stroll up to Buena Vista

view of Corona Heights

Although many hate on Eucalyptus trees for being non-native invasive plants, I can't help but love their presence, profume and aesthetic.


pop! goes the weasel

I used to play this game in the same clothes hamper when I was little. Seen here is my nephew, Oliver.

All around the mulberry bush, the monkey chased the weasel...

The monkey thought it all was fun...

Pop!! goes the weasel...

Grams and Ollie playing Pop goes the weasel.

The Berenstein Bears Get In A Fight: Pops helps Ollie understand fights - a prerequisite before hanging out with the family.


church on the move

This is what "going to church" may look like in Oklahoma...images from 2004.

Oneighty is part of Church on the Move, one of Oklahoma's Evangelical mega-churches. Several thousand Fundamentalist Christians attend Pastor Willie George's services each Sunday.

In this gym at the entrance, they held a bench press competition one Sunday after church. The male and female victors each won a gift certificate to the Gap.

church service



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