Adios El Bolson

Most of my time in Argentina, I have not strayed far from El Bolson. I have come here in between farms and in between hiking trips to get on the internet, get supplies at the Verde Menta, eat amazing ice cream at Juajua and catch buses to further destinations. It is a fairly small place and Smiley couldn´t believe how many acquaintances I was running into on the streets. But finally, I am leaving! Tonight at 11 PM, I will sit in seat 28 on Feb. 28th on a bus headed south to El Chalten on Ruta 40, a very rough unpaved road that will take me deeper into Patagonia to the land of the glaciers.

My home base in El Bolson was Hostel Agustin Porro. Shown here are one of Agustin's many fruit trees.

Smiley on the passarela with Mt. Piltriquitron in the distance. Smiley and I parted ways this afternoon; he heads back to Buenos Aires. El hombre se viene, el hombre se va...en la carretera...

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