Plaza de Mayo

Coming up into Buenos Aires' Plaza de Mayo from the metro, I was in the middle of throngs of people. People gathering or protesting or being paid by the Argentine government to come out in support of the president, Christina Kirchner. The night before, the whole city stepped outside and banged on pots and pans for a little while, apparently to show the president that 'enough was enough.'

lots of people means lots of urine

the president's casa rosada. in the background, someone has a sign that reads 'Vine solo no mi pagaron' (I came here by myself. They didn't pay me.)

Here is a group of folks from Jujuy. It is the same flags and same people that I photographed on the 25th of May for the president's speech in Salta. It seems that the Argentine government puts some of their citizens on buses and pays them to show up for political rallies so that the president appears to have enormous support. These Argentines are part of a 'neighborhood organization' called Tupac Amaru: http://www.tupacamaru.org.ar/

It would not be a gathering of Argentines without Quilmes!

Flyers in the street say 'Por la affirmacion de la democracia'

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